Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Well some friends and I have been discussing at length the volume of comments you see to a blog post, forum thread etc.
It is seldom you see a large volume of comments, posts in a short space of time. Invariably forum threads fade out, and blog posts get buried.

Well the end of the discussion was me being challenged into setting up a blog post to see how many comments can be added! So here it is...

What's in it for me? Well between the 4 of us in the discussion we have each put £20 into a bet pot. If I don't get to 100,000 comments then the 3 of them will spend the money on whatever they please I don't particularly need or want the money, but I don't want to lose the bet either.

So now you are all asking "why on earth should I leave a comment." Well if I win then ill have proved a point, and maybe created the first blog post with 100,000 comments? Maybe there is already one or more out there but hey we can try.

If I win I will donate my money to an international charity. If you wish to make suggestions of charities then please do let me know. I am open to your thoughts. I will also donate the google ads monies towards that charity to make it (hopefully) a worthwhile amount.

The only thing I ask of you is leave me a small comment.
If you want to advertise your website, blog or anything else then be my guest. If this blog takes off and it gets anywhere then you will all get a good link in return for your 30 seconds of time.

Thanks to all for reading. I appreciate your support. If any of you have any questions then leave them in a comment and I will respond to you.

Have a good day, evening, night, weekend etc etc

{Edit} Help to achieve this huge target by Diggin' it, advertising it on your blogs etc.
If you advertise it leave a comment with a link and I will create a list of linked blogs etc as free advertising to you all